Monday, 14 December 2015

Case Study: Brokers Settlement

Project Brief

Here at Broker’s Settlement Services we understand the diversity and complexity of needs that come along with every individual client. Our mission is to provide all of our clients with a personalized service specific to their needs that ensures the highest levels of speed and quality throughout the entire transaction.


  • The website interface had to be modern, classy, minimal and user friendly.
  • The homepage had to have tons of information and yet not look busy and cluttered.
  • The website had to have a grid layout format made for 1366x768 resolution and higher so that it could render right in the middle of the screen on all resolutions.
  • Use of modern user interactive features like slideshow, scroller, carousel and custom image hover transitions to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Use of AJAX to load the data on demand to minimize the loading time. 

Solution Offered

  • A stunning user interface was designed crafted with custom icons, graphics and HD quality rich images to enhance the look and feel of the website.
  • Use of customized AJAX, CSS and jQuery to provide seamless and effortless user browsing experience.

Technology Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  •  PHP
  • UI Design
  • Wordpress
  • Graphics
 Case Study of Brokers Settlement By Website Designer Company In Delhi

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Case Study: Acuity National

Project Brief

Acuity National Real Estate Solutions, LLC provides title and settlement services to clients all over the nation. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Acuity’s team of title veterans work with partners across the country to provide fast, efficient title and settlement services of all types.


  • The website interface had to be modern, classy, minimal and user friendly.
  • The homepage had to have tons of information and yet not look busy and cluttered.
  • The website had to have a grid layout format made for 1366x768 resolution and higher so that it could render right in the middle of the screen on all resolutions.
  • Use of modern user interactive features like slideshow, scroller, carousel and custom image hover transitions to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Use of AJAX to load the data on demand to minimize the loading time. 

Solution Offered

  • A stunning user interface was designed crafted with custom icons, graphics and HD quality rich images to enhance the look and feel of the website.
  • Use of customized AJAX, CSS and jQuery to provide seamless and effortless user browsing experience.

Technology Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • UI Design
  • Wordpress
  • Graphics
Case Study By Radical Reflex

Pankaj Gupta

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Why are we best in the Market?

Swamp of Designers
There is a swamp of designers in front of you, everyone claiming that they are the best in the market. They testify they have worked with a certain set of customers and they also have a set of designs and they highly claim that it has been done by them. Where is the validity? Where is the proof? There are n numbers of designs that can be found in Google easily. Do the consumers have enough time to do a thorough background check of the services? 

Well then how does a consumer rely on what is being said? Then the customers need to cross-check with the clients if they had ever worked with the designers then the factor of looking into the designs. Whether or not the designs produced by the designers are authentic or not? Cross checking the designs for authenticity is no harm. One need not be ashamed to cross-check after all a lot of money is being invested. If it’s true then you are at good hands. Then we consider the factor where we look at the impact of the design? How does one measure that? We need to measure the impact of Return on Investment? How do we measure that? 

Consideration of the ROI

A design needs to have an impact in the mind of the audience. It needs to have a similar impact on the ROI of the products or services. If these factors are not considered then the agency might not be the right person to work with. An agency when created by a non-veteran can be a risk investment. They are there in the market because it’s providing great money they don’t consider the impact that a design can have. Underestimating the value of a design is the biggest complacency in the world of market. 

Getting obsolete and the ideas of a new comer

Getting obsolete is also one of the biggest hindrances. People are always looking for something new they get tired of obsolete easily. To keep them entertained is a big task. To come up with a new campaign, a new message that hits the message directly is also a huge task. For an example Dairy Milk came up with a TV Commercial that was a hit amongst the audience. If the similar commercial is repeated with other products say it will be a plagiarism but if it’s repeated by the same company over and over again, then the audience is bound to get bored. Producing new message all the time is one of the important elements. That is why there is also a need of new and upcoming designers that bring a fresh thought a fresh idea, in the conceptualization of the design. So underestimating new comers is also a wrong idea if just so the customers fall into this mind set. 


There is nothing that can be compared to knowledge that has been gained through an educational institute. But there is no doubt an experience that is gained from on the job. While you are in face to face with the client or you are in face to face with the job that is when one experience real pressure. Due to those pressures the one that is providing services, gain experiences. Because it is obvious that one will make mistakes and then they will try to overcome those mistakes. In the process one comes through many hassles associated with the work related issues. After crossing those hurdles and being able to solve those problems when crossing those hurdles that is when they realize that they are beginning to be a master at it. When it is said that experience counts this is when the results of a veteran that from a newcomer is ten times better and highly productive. Through this process when one makes mistakes and come across many nuances in his work schedule he begins to gain a master and then everyone begins taking his advice. That is the importance of experience and veterans in the agency. The importance of a fresh talent cannot be ignored either. 

Now why choose us?
We are not boasting about ourselves here. From experience and from the people we are acquainted with. If we are working with veterans from the industry who can help our clients achieve results from in and out of the industry. Keeping in mind the return of investment that is expected from an advertising perspective and the goodwill perspective. There are simply thousands of ways where they can deal with their problems and look into the products and devise strategies that are in best of ways for the future development. Also they have a knack for understanding the market, they are well aware of what goes in and what goes out. As for the non-veterans we hire candidates that have a knack for freshness that can produce new elements and pep it up with the modern approach that is essential. 

Pepping up with their enthusiasm and what catches of the youth is also an imperative factor. A culmination of both these segments is when they begin to reach the level of perfection that is required to come up with a new advertisement. Not just considering the level of perfection but also the quality. An idea in Radical Reflex is processed until that time when there are no complaints from the marketers. They are processed initially for the impact that it might create with the audience and the impact that is required to create a great ROI. They are processed through many veterans and leaders before a plan is presented to the client. That is the kind of tenacity our team follows and the kind of dedication that is required to undergo a project we follow and that is why we proudly believe in our efforts and we claim out rightly that we are the best. We proudly claim our efforts and hence we are the best.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Importance Of Preciseness Communication In Branding

Most of the people think that designing is all about appealing the eyes while most of the designers and advertising firms can fall into this category. They give so much importance to the designing elements that they miss out on the general communication that needs to be conveyed and addressed. Most of them as experienced have either followed a trend that was hit in the market or they go with the visual appeal without giving importance to the communication that needs to be addressed and the various mediums used for communication like the hoardings, billboards, etc. For information sake there are many modes of communication that needs to be addresses but here we will speak about the two main modes of communication i.e. Communication through designing and the mediums of communication followed.

Logo Designing

Mediums of Communication

The mediums of communication is the channel that is used while displaying your advertisements. There are many forms of channel like the Out of home Advertising that is done via Hoardings that you see placed on buildings displaying ads from various companies, Posters, Bus Advertising, Lamppost Banners, Street Advertising, Postcards, Taxi, Mobile Billboards are those big banners posters that are movable. It’s imperative for the marketers to follow standards while designing the elements as well as understand the best medium of conversation. 

Website Designing

A few examples of the worst sorts of mediums used for advertisements which have been followed suit and a few advertisements which never made any sense to the world. Beginning from the recent and the worst advertisement ever seen. At the metro station the entire train was plastered with the posters not even a minute space was left out, from the windows to every inch of the trains was covered. The moment one entered the stations it felt like they are being suffocated to see what my company looks like. See what I have in store for you. They were suffocating the audience with their display. If the marketers had a chance they will begin branding on the sky on the trees and the leaves. That was plain horrible. Get new but not this new that you message suffocates the audience.  

Communication through designing

When we design posters, banners, billboard, etc the designers need to keep in mind not just the designing elements of the posters but also the communication. Now what is the communication? Does it mean a separate write up? Not necessarily. Communication can be made via designing. But it not always necessary that you need to fill the designing with with all the good designs you come across the internet. What is there is a set of audience who is well aware of image that you just plastered it from a different place? The message that you give out to the audience is that of plagiarism. Which will not hold any relevance to your brand image. Building your brand image and through information overload or designing overload is an extremely bad idea. For people are way too busy in their lives, we as marketers understand that they have a lot of hassles to deal with and if we don't present ourselves precisely then we might go in for a toss. If there is information overload they will not even bother to look into your faces. So preciseness is the word here. Be precise, be minimalist but be strong with the one word that you choose or be strong enough with that one image you chose to display it’s imperative to know that it is not copied from somewhere else. Because plagiarism can be the worst mistake from designers. You can communicate a message via a simple image or even one word, but make sure that one thing is strong enough to hit the audience in their mind.



In order to have the desired effects and results for your campaign and advertising its highly suggested to sit for a brainstorming session. First highlight the USP’s of the products and what makes the product stand out from the other products. Then define the target audience. Which kind of audience would like to use that kind of products and where will they be found in majority. Will be they be found nearby homes, colonies or societies or will they found in malls, pubs, bars, offices, trains, metros, roads. Defining the right kind of target audience and the right mode of communication is almost half of the campaign is achieved. It is not always imperative for a company to go for those mode of communication that is expensive like the Tv commercial or hoardings. Initially they can begin with the Pilot Campaign where the campaign is first tried and tested and according to success measurement then the campaigns are carried forward to other forms of advertisements.

Campaign involves the expense of a lot of money so its wise to not to follow what has already been done going by the obvious. Research, Analyze and make your own perspective, take opinions of smart people, brainstorm over the idea and do something new and strategic. Give people something new to look forward to.  


Always Be New!

Being new, being innovative is something that can never go obsolete. To be new is not always easy with all that workload it can be a tough call. Any form of an innovation is inspired. But if you inspire yourself from just one project then you are the most foolish person on earth. Because its equivalent to plagiarism. But what if you copy or inspire from various works of creative people. Copy your work from ten it will be somewhat new but if you copy from hundred then your work will have the most original effect it can ever have. Because what happens is when you put an idea inside your head from one project and the second idea from the second project and so on and so forth the hundred ideas that have been now registered in your brain will jumble up and form a new idea.
Think New

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The New Generation Photography

Photography the word has its origins from Greek words photos and graphite. Photos which means light and Graphite which means to draw, when we join them together we write them as drawing with light. Camera’s functionality begins with capturing images when there is light. However with the advancement in technologies there are lenses which can capture pictures in the dark.

From the time when I was born turning way back in the 1980’s my parents used to carry the camera where they used to turn around the switch every time a picture was being clicked. But are we ready to face hassles as such? Neah! There are so many convenient ways through many devices like smartphones  which is the most convenient option for photography nowadays. The hassles of carrying an extra device just for the sake of photography is not a cup of tea for the audience, but then there is a huge difference between a photograph taken from a camera to the photograph taken that from a professional camera.

I met a friend who sometime back who is into films, he had a camera from the 80’s of Nikon. He said that most of his work were from the camera itself but due to advent of the updated models there is nothing that can be compared with the camera that are used these days. Plus there are lenses of different types, one of a lense which was launched was being able to take photographs when the object is in motion. Then there are lenses which take photographs in the dark.
Talking about photography in earlier times when camera’s were used during vacations, family picnic, outing with friends, it was limited to these segments. But in time photography has expanded itself in almost all the spheres in the Business Industry.

Photography is one of the major tools used for marketing

Appealing or Beautiful objects attract people, be it a beautiful women or a beautiful design. We can’t always portray womens in the company posters, especially the industry which is not oriented towards them. For the business that deals with men accessories, there is no need for women in the pictures, however most of the ads that are used show women being in awe of the man when he uses that particular product.

When we see a picture of a beautiful women let’s say Audrey Hepburn, she is known to be the most graceful lady of all times. People who are not aware of her charisma or her power that she held in the Hollywood Industry, only by looking at the photograph one can comprehend the graciousness she carries which lead her to stardom. That is the the level of importance of photography, for they define your company, your industry standards. The more appealing a photograph is greater the views, greater the knowledge of the audience, greater you develop the skills for marketing. Also because most of the times it so happens that alongside a photograph there is either a  message or there is a hell lot of content which needs to be read. Only by looking at the photograph we can assure ourselves whether the article interest our mindset or not. Similar concept is followed when business people market their products, through branding via Hoardings, Billboards, Print Media like Newspapers, Magazines, Pamphlets, etc. If a pamphlet is distributed amongst a set of audiences which do not have a great use of photography then marketing via pamphlet is a total waste.

Cinema is one of the biggest industry in the respective nations and also uses a high modes of technologies. It’s imperative for these segment to keep up with the professionalism.

Tools used to enhance photography

Truth can never be hidden for they eventually find a way to out to expose themselves, photography is such. They define the reality, but its imperative that the same reality is showcased in a better way through modifications like the editing tools like AdobePhotoshop where there are many modifications applied. People have come to appreciate beauty from time immemorial. For everything that we capture may not have its desired outcome. It becomes important for huge industries like Cinema Houses, Business Partners the photographs that is used undergoes editions with an additional elements of designs otherwise the photograph will not sell on its own especially when it’s meant for business purposes.


Powerful Tool

Photographs are nowadays used for every forms of communication. While one is shopping alone, they share the photographs with their friends asking the opinions on the dress. Shopping portals like Flipkart, myntra and likewise if they do not display their dresses in the right way then they are ought to make a huge loss. As for the business their image is well portrayed by their websites and branding done in billboards, Hoardings etc. Think about a hoarding which is just a picture of lay man shopping? Will the audience at all be able to make anything out of it? That is why the need for other tools like Corel Draw, Adobe photoshop, Animax amongst others.

Photography image

Photographs are now used in almost all the spheres like Newspapers, Magazines, The cover designed used in the books. Pictures used in television. A friend of mine is not photogenic at all. We have tried very angles to get him, “The Look”, most of the lay man have failed even after edition can never manage to get a good photo out of this ugly guy. But the work of a good photographer is that no matter how worse the circumstances he is in he will make the best use of it. That is the kind of work done in Television. Many actors like Uday chopra for instance, Take Ajay Devgan for instance, initially when he began his career many directors opposed him, but due to the combination of makeup and photography a huge difference can be made.

Digital Photography

 In the digital platform photographs are taken every day for uploading on FacebookInstagram and celebrities or well known people choose to express themselves through photographs. Phone undoubtedly plays a major role but nothing that can be compared to a good camera. There are various software's that help you edit photographs like the Picasa.

Digital tools

Talk about any industry which is oriented towards business. Travelling being a major problem, most of the work is done through photographs. For instance if someone looking to buy  a house, the buyers will ask for photographs from the brokers then they will make efforts to visit the house.

The upcoming generation are more oriented digitally, and companies like Kodak, Fuji, Agfa have  gone almost bankrupt. Its time for these companies to change their business strategy.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cheapest Source of Advertisement - Your own website

Companies have resorted to numerous forms of advertisements. Marketing is one of the most important segment in any industry. Companies need clients and vice versa. Companies initially have to define their target audience then select the right mediums of advertisements. If the right tool is not chosen it can have a huge negative impact on the cost. Have you ever wondered why a one rupee chocolate would go for a TV Commercial? Which is known to be the most expensive source of marketing in the industry. It’s for a very simple reason, from the time the chocolate is manufactured to the time it reaches to the retailers, the entire amount including the cost of advertising per chocolate is say  75 paise. If a brand manages to sell it in bulk let’s say 1000 pieces of chocolate per minute. The brand will manage to earn around 250 bucks every minute. And this increases the minute every time a chocolate is purchased. The money spent in marketing is “Paisa Vasool”. The possibility of opting for expensive mode of advertisements is just not possible for every company. There are many attractive forms of advertisements which  can be found in the market today. 


Resorting to the right tool of advertisement is as important as the idea of setting up a business. There are many options available in the market. Advertisements can be segregated into, Above the Line and Below the Line Advertisements. Above the Line (ATL) are type of advertisements that you would see in Television, Cinema, Radio and Print. Print Advertisment are ones that you see in Magazines, Newspapers, Hoardings, Billboards, Merchandising etc. Below the Line (BTL) is a technique used for touch and feel products also termed majorly as Experiential Marketing which can also be referred to as on ground campaign. This generally help in bringing products near the customers which help them experience the product by touch and feel methods before they come to a decision of purchasing the product. 

There are other forms of advertisements like Public Relations which help enhance the goodwill of the brand. Public Relations generally help in transforming the entire brand image. For an example, the company volunteers for philanthropy activities which helps in transforming the goodwill of the company. 

MICE can be classified as Meeting, Incentives, Conference and Events. Through these mediums companies organize meeting with their customers, dealers, retailers, sellers. Incentive’s are an important mediums to interact with sellers, dealers and retailers. Conference also sometimes referred to as conventions is organized when important meetings needs to be held. Events is organized at time of product launch most of the time it is also a fun filled activity among the employers and employees of a company.

Coming of age the concept of Digital Marketing is growing rapidly and most of the companies are falling into this category of advertisement. These forms of marketing are ones that make use of electronic devices like computers, laptops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets amongst others. There are many other portals that list’s business in it’s website which is common forum used for marketing. Portals like Just dial, India Mart. Innovative modes of advertisements like Guerrilla, Ambient  Marketing. 


As mentioned earlier there are many modes of advertising a company can resort to, the ATL forms of advertisement are generally resorted by companies who have been there in the market for years. They have established themselves over the years and investing in these forms of advertisement is not a big deal for them. BTL is resorted by brands who are a tyro in the field and the need to establish themselves. The general process followed while selecting the modes of advertisement is one where the target audience is defined and then the tools of advertisement is chosen which is majorly accessible to the target audience, that is when you know you have hit the dart right on it’s point. But that is not always the case, not many have the sensibilities of adopting the right methods, for they fall for the glamour. This decision only has a negative impact later on it’s stage. 

Brand that are new in the market and don’t have enough capital to invest for marketing may resort to cheaper modes of advertisement like door to door, cold calling or even bulk email. These forms of marketing tools are simply annoying. They only have a negative impact on the brand. Even if the company has lots of money to invest that would not mean that you would just go randomly branding. Recently it was seen in the Delhi Metro’ the exteriors of the trains were entirely branded. That was simply the most disgusting form of advertisement. The reaction from the audience was something like, “Dude, Let us breathe and give us some space”. It felt something like, if companies had the power they would opt for branding of the nature.

Striking a Balance

Which is the most important factor, because they define the goodwill of your company. If customers feel that you are invading their personal space they will probably never select you. Even if they do they might eventually end up getting annoyed with you and choose to deny your services. You might either be a veteran in the market or a tyro the most important form of advertisement that everybody resort to is the website. If this segment is not taken care of then they will eventually end up creating a negative image.  Any prospects searching for some services or looking to buy a product will first and foremost look into the details of your company which is found in your website. So why not consider enhancing your website, which is also the cheapest forms of advertisement.

digital world

A Few Main Things We Consider While Designing A Branding Website for you

Now, once we know that a website is one of the most important aspects or ingredients of modern day branding in the year 2015, better the website, better is the first impression. And mind it, we take no chances spilling over some nuisance on your websites through Amateurs! Radical Reflex is a company that has a well defined process flow, your website designing passes through. The dedicated visualizer, i.e. Pankaj Gupta, well known in this industry for his remarkable work for more than a decade, sets the primary stage of your website designing and then other experts join the process to give that concept a reality.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Be New! -Cliché story line in movies

How do we define, creativity? How can we say that a certain set of people are creative? Let’s begin with an example. All of us have watched movies, let’s talk about one specific segments in the movie industry i.e. Bollywood. The movies that were made in the 80’s have a different style from the movies that from the 90’s and then the 21st century movies are different even in terms of technicalities to that from the 90’s. It has evolved in due time. The audiences have evolved too, but the mass do not look at the technical details that were involved during the making of the movie. Well, that statement can however be contradictory. Many are interested in the actors involved in the movies, while many the directors, many can be interested in the technicalities, while many in the dialogues but there is n’t anything above and beyond the story line, because that is the basic foundation of any movie.

A director comes up with a great story line, makes a movie out of it and the audiences are affected by it. It goes on to become a major blockbuster, earns a great reputation and so on and so forth. But what happens next is a part of any other industry we can talk about. For an example, the Salman Khan movies are a great hit these days. Whether they make any sense at all is out of the question and we are not discussing them. Of the many recent action movies that were released of him Wanted was the first of its kind initiative which went on to become a hit and the trend began and then came movies like Dabang, Heroes, Ready, Bodyguard, Tiger then Dabang 2.

However discussing origins of movies where with a touch of one hand of the hero, the villain ends up flying to the other end of town, with just a puff from the hero nose a whirl wind begins. These actions related are majorly found in Tollywood and discussing when they first began it’s not something we are discussing it either. For Bollywood it wasn’t of first of its kind either, but the audiences have enjoyed them thoroughly. This trend has been followed for quite some time; we might ask ourselves why, Wanted click off or Dabang click off? Because it may have all those non sense actions filled in it but then there was a new character, a dream character that was introduced. Some part of it’s a reality some of it unrealistic. These were clubbed in together hence connecting with the mass audience. Because they had a whiff of newness in them, if these keep going on and on, then the audience is ought to get bored. And hence it will become a cliché, which is then a huge loss.

Love stories have been a major theme with the Bollywood, if they keep presenting us with the same old stories time and again, then there isn’t a market for it any more. A touch of creativity is now the most important foundation for any industry should depend on and that is why there is a rise in these segments. Every other company now has a separate segment for Creative. They hire one or many, and make sure they are the best, because it’s the only means for survival.

Examples of clichéd work in other industries

An example of clichéd work which went horribly wrong, wassap for an example was an innovation. Since it was an innovation and connected well with the audience then the competitors started coming to the market with all sorts of scheme and bribes to download their chat application for an example Viber, We Chat, Chaatz, Hike they may work with certain set of audiences but not with the mass as a whole. But the best things about these companies are that they have new features in them, which whatsapp may never have. So it is the difference that counts.

An example from a marketing industry, let’s say an advertisement firm. They receive briefs from many companies to come up with a new marketing plan, the client reaches out to many in the market not just one. Then they select the best amongst the many that they have approached. Their select only the one that has a hint of newness in them. Without which a marketing campaign will never work.

The potential of a creative person

Creativity is therefore, an addition of newness to your work, a touch of innovation, which has never been witnessed before. We might as well argue that how can anyone create and come up with something new all the time. Then I have a very valid answer to it and that is, inspire yourself not from one project for that will be labeled as plagiarism and you don’t want to put yourself in this category. Once you are labeled of this category then you have sure to had your loss. To create something new inspire yourself from different work, install them in your brain, mix them as you would do with a mixer grinder, and come up with something new of your own. Okay where do we inspire ourselves from?

Oh! Common the world of art is immense. Watch good movies for there are thousands of them, watch serials which gives you a food for a thought, go out watch play, visit art exhibitions, go out for a lonely walk, observe people their mannerisms and their reaction to a certain situation, be sensitive to people’s needs, introspect, most importantly read variety of books. You can indulge yourself in the imaginations of the author; there is no end to it. There are fiction, encyclopedia, history, politics, you jumble all of these in your head and you will eventually come out of one of your kind of work and that is a true nature of a creative person. Explore your world for there is a vast ocean in front of you, and if something does not click then indulge yourself in the works of art again. You are then ready to go. 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Your Company” In Vogue! Directions =>> Radical Reflex

In Vogue 
The need for, “Style Statement” is unending. It gets more conventional as the years pass by. Arising out of our ancestors to the new generation the only fashionable activity that keeps us in vogue and perhaps it is segmented in every spheres of life, right from childhood to the phase of adolescence, and then encompassed in the adulthood. We define our style from the way we portray ourselves to kind of schools one has visited, to wearing the most fashionable brands clothing, carrying the latest gadgets and gizmos, driving the sleekest designed car to a smashing cover photo/display picture for our facebook page and so on. We might think that these elements are concentrated towards the youth but the same rule applies for business men. Everything holds a prime importance, even the minutest element because it’s the foundation of the company that is being built. The office architecture including the interior designs, The communication strategy that is their logo, their portfolio, their branding which is now mainly exhibited through websites.

As a client I would never go for an agency whose websites are not outstanding. As a job seeker my aspirational company would be the one that have a great communication behind them and can carry themselves well. The first impression we get through is the communication exhibited through their designs. That is when Radical Reflex comes into the picture.

Radically - Getting acquainted

Not just looking at the exteriors but also delving deep to the core, strengthening that holds the structure of an organization. Radical reflex infuses its knowledge and experience in the industry of business and creativity which is an imperative trait for the unyielding men that want to involve themselves in business and want to be recognized for the same. The biggest benefit from this is the impact on business growth and brand building.
The foundation has been built and it’s time to let Radical Reflex to take over. Greater the style, the smarter you are in the market. That is why Radical Reflex has not hindered itself from providing and covering all the aspects of a designing that is required for a business. Their skilled team members have all the knowledge and creativity it requires to build a gob smacking website, an attractive brochure, or to get content written for your product and what not. Benefitting you in the following segments:

  • Website Designing – One roof for quality, detailing, user interface, development and robust coding. Their experience has helped them develop services and packages that match the needs of the customers to become successful, convenient and rational assistance, exhortation and support is provided at a focused cost.

  • Logo Design and Branding – The most important factor for your business establishment. A creative, eye-catching, soothing and a beautiful logo is the most integral part of this strategy.

  • Graphics and Printing – Out of the box thinking and revival from the clichéd thinking which helps them and their client to make an impact on viewers. From brochures to promotional banners, they create powerful visual concepts that captivate the audience. Also assuring that apart from a pleasing look, the purpose of the banner or brochure is also satisfied. After all, the sales matter the most, don’t they?

  • Photography Services – General nature of internet users is to feel attracted towards websites that have properly placed relevant images. The images not only help the website visitors to get an idea of the products and services being offered by the website but also influence their choice to engage more deeply with the website.  Being aware of this fact, the focus on enhancing the website design by offering product and general photographs and images that harmoniously blend with the colors and content for the website.
  • CMS - A CMS enables the client as a web master, to manage all aspects of website, in an easy and timely manner. Adding new content update, modification of the existing content or even manage users without seeking the assistance of the website developers.

  • Content Writing – Content writing is not just about providing information about the products and services offered by a website. It is about showcasing the various opportunities and options that are available to for enhancing and simplifying their everyday activities.

  • Wordpress and Joomla Development - The growing popularity of Wordpress as a CMS solution is primarily due to the ease of ensuring the relevance and high quality of content which is a basic necessity for gaining better rankings across search engines. It is fast and easy to use, It is extremely powerful and efficient, It is quite flexible and easy to customize. Joomla being the oldest CMS, is mostly preferred because of its reliability and ease of creating really complex sites. The CMS offers strong social networking features, which are becoming the new buzzword in the area of online marketing and best SEO strategies.
Niche Marketing

Radical Reflex been in the industry for almost a decade has a niche for understanding your marketing segment through creativity and delving deep to comprehend your business. Experience counts – because they have been there and done that. From mistakes they have learned and have been unyielding in the process. So that is what makes Radical Reflex stand through times when your business is facing the crunch, when it need for the fame, when in need for a parent, guiding the business through their expertise in the designing segments.

Reflexes gained from Experience

We are not here to ramble on. But provide you with evidences. Going through the website you will come across their work. Their experience is this vast arena which includes in dealing with clients like Vidhu Vinod Chopra Films, Pogo Theater, Samsung, Nokia, Polaris IIT Delhi, Super 8 hotels, Maxim, Best Western, Think Digit, Karvy, ABP News, Pepperfry amongst others.

Being a cult

To stand out from the crowd is not an easy thing but with minds and work which is Radical who are always on the Reflex, that is when you know you are the right place and the quest for a magic designer in this whirlpool of designers has come to an end.