Friday, 23 January 2015

Be New! -Cliché story line in movies

How do we define, creativity? How can we say that a certain set of people are creative? Let’s begin with an example. All of us have watched movies, let’s talk about one specific segments in the movie industry i.e. Bollywood. The movies that were made in the 80’s have a different style from the movies that from the 90’s and then the 21st century movies are different even in terms of technicalities to that from the 90’s. It has evolved in due time. The audiences have evolved too, but the mass do not look at the technical details that were involved during the making of the movie. Well, that statement can however be contradictory. Many are interested in the actors involved in the movies, while many the directors, many can be interested in the technicalities, while many in the dialogues but there is n’t anything above and beyond the story line, because that is the basic foundation of any movie.

A director comes up with a great story line, makes a movie out of it and the audiences are affected by it. It goes on to become a major blockbuster, earns a great reputation and so on and so forth. But what happens next is a part of any other industry we can talk about. For an example, the Salman Khan movies are a great hit these days. Whether they make any sense at all is out of the question and we are not discussing them. Of the many recent action movies that were released of him Wanted was the first of its kind initiative which went on to become a hit and the trend began and then came movies like Dabang, Heroes, Ready, Bodyguard, Tiger then Dabang 2.

However discussing origins of movies where with a touch of one hand of the hero, the villain ends up flying to the other end of town, with just a puff from the hero nose a whirl wind begins. These actions related are majorly found in Tollywood and discussing when they first began it’s not something we are discussing it either. For Bollywood it wasn’t of first of its kind either, but the audiences have enjoyed them thoroughly. This trend has been followed for quite some time; we might ask ourselves why, Wanted click off or Dabang click off? Because it may have all those non sense actions filled in it but then there was a new character, a dream character that was introduced. Some part of it’s a reality some of it unrealistic. These were clubbed in together hence connecting with the mass audience. Because they had a whiff of newness in them, if these keep going on and on, then the audience is ought to get bored. And hence it will become a cliché, which is then a huge loss.

Love stories have been a major theme with the Bollywood, if they keep presenting us with the same old stories time and again, then there isn’t a market for it any more. A touch of creativity is now the most important foundation for any industry should depend on and that is why there is a rise in these segments. Every other company now has a separate segment for Creative. They hire one or many, and make sure they are the best, because it’s the only means for survival.

Examples of clichéd work in other industries

An example of clichéd work which went horribly wrong, wassap for an example was an innovation. Since it was an innovation and connected well with the audience then the competitors started coming to the market with all sorts of scheme and bribes to download their chat application for an example Viber, We Chat, Chaatz, Hike they may work with certain set of audiences but not with the mass as a whole. But the best things about these companies are that they have new features in them, which whatsapp may never have. So it is the difference that counts.

An example from a marketing industry, let’s say an advertisement firm. They receive briefs from many companies to come up with a new marketing plan, the client reaches out to many in the market not just one. Then they select the best amongst the many that they have approached. Their select only the one that has a hint of newness in them. Without which a marketing campaign will never work.

The potential of a creative person

Creativity is therefore, an addition of newness to your work, a touch of innovation, which has never been witnessed before. We might as well argue that how can anyone create and come up with something new all the time. Then I have a very valid answer to it and that is, inspire yourself not from one project for that will be labeled as plagiarism and you don’t want to put yourself in this category. Once you are labeled of this category then you have sure to had your loss. To create something new inspire yourself from different work, install them in your brain, mix them as you would do with a mixer grinder, and come up with something new of your own. Okay where do we inspire ourselves from?

Oh! Common the world of art is immense. Watch good movies for there are thousands of them, watch serials which gives you a food for a thought, go out watch play, visit art exhibitions, go out for a lonely walk, observe people their mannerisms and their reaction to a certain situation, be sensitive to people’s needs, introspect, most importantly read variety of books. You can indulge yourself in the imaginations of the author; there is no end to it. There are fiction, encyclopedia, history, politics, you jumble all of these in your head and you will eventually come out of one of your kind of work and that is a true nature of a creative person. Explore your world for there is a vast ocean in front of you, and if something does not click then indulge yourself in the works of art again. You are then ready to go. 

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