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Cheapest Source of Advertisement - Your own website

Companies have resorted to numerous forms of advertisements. Marketing is one of the most important segment in any industry. Companies need clients and vice versa. Companies initially have to define their target audience then select the right mediums of advertisements. If the right tool is not chosen it can have a huge negative impact on the cost. Have you ever wondered why a one rupee chocolate would go for a TV Commercial? Which is known to be the most expensive source of marketing in the industry. It’s for a very simple reason, from the time the chocolate is manufactured to the time it reaches to the retailers, the entire amount including the cost of advertising per chocolate is say  75 paise. If a brand manages to sell it in bulk let’s say 1000 pieces of chocolate per minute. The brand will manage to earn around 250 bucks every minute. And this increases the minute every time a chocolate is purchased. The money spent in marketing is “Paisa Vasool”. The possibility of opting for expensive mode of advertisements is just not possible for every company. There are many attractive forms of advertisements which  can be found in the market today. 


Resorting to the right tool of advertisement is as important as the idea of setting up a business. There are many options available in the market. Advertisements can be segregated into, Above the Line and Below the Line Advertisements. Above the Line (ATL) are type of advertisements that you would see in Television, Cinema, Radio and Print. Print Advertisment are ones that you see in Magazines, Newspapers, Hoardings, Billboards, Merchandising etc. Below the Line (BTL) is a technique used for touch and feel products also termed majorly as Experiential Marketing which can also be referred to as on ground campaign. This generally help in bringing products near the customers which help them experience the product by touch and feel methods before they come to a decision of purchasing the product. 

There are other forms of advertisements like Public Relations which help enhance the goodwill of the brand. Public Relations generally help in transforming the entire brand image. For an example, the company volunteers for philanthropy activities which helps in transforming the goodwill of the company. 

MICE can be classified as Meeting, Incentives, Conference and Events. Through these mediums companies organize meeting with their customers, dealers, retailers, sellers. Incentive’s are an important mediums to interact with sellers, dealers and retailers. Conference also sometimes referred to as conventions is organized when important meetings needs to be held. Events is organized at time of product launch most of the time it is also a fun filled activity among the employers and employees of a company.

Coming of age the concept of Digital Marketing is growing rapidly and most of the companies are falling into this category of advertisement. These forms of marketing are ones that make use of electronic devices like computers, laptops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets amongst others. There are many other portals that list’s business in it’s website which is common forum used for marketing. Portals like Just dial, India Mart. Innovative modes of advertisements like Guerrilla, Ambient  Marketing. 


As mentioned earlier there are many modes of advertising a company can resort to, the ATL forms of advertisement are generally resorted by companies who have been there in the market for years. They have established themselves over the years and investing in these forms of advertisement is not a big deal for them. BTL is resorted by brands who are a tyro in the field and the need to establish themselves. The general process followed while selecting the modes of advertisement is one where the target audience is defined and then the tools of advertisement is chosen which is majorly accessible to the target audience, that is when you know you have hit the dart right on it’s point. But that is not always the case, not many have the sensibilities of adopting the right methods, for they fall for the glamour. This decision only has a negative impact later on it’s stage. 

Brand that are new in the market and don’t have enough capital to invest for marketing may resort to cheaper modes of advertisement like door to door, cold calling or even bulk email. These forms of marketing tools are simply annoying. They only have a negative impact on the brand. Even if the company has lots of money to invest that would not mean that you would just go randomly branding. Recently it was seen in the Delhi Metro’ the exteriors of the trains were entirely branded. That was simply the most disgusting form of advertisement. The reaction from the audience was something like, “Dude, Let us breathe and give us some space”. It felt something like, if companies had the power they would opt for branding of the nature.

Striking a Balance

Which is the most important factor, because they define the goodwill of your company. If customers feel that you are invading their personal space they will probably never select you. Even if they do they might eventually end up getting annoyed with you and choose to deny your services. You might either be a veteran in the market or a tyro the most important form of advertisement that everybody resort to is the website. If this segment is not taken care of then they will eventually end up creating a negative image.  Any prospects searching for some services or looking to buy a product will first and foremost look into the details of your company which is found in your website. So why not consider enhancing your website, which is also the cheapest forms of advertisement.

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A Few Main Things We Consider While Designing A Branding Website for you

Now, once we know that a website is one of the most important aspects or ingredients of modern day branding in the year 2015, better the website, better is the first impression. And mind it, we take no chances spilling over some nuisance on your websites through Amateurs! Radical Reflex is a company that has a well defined process flow, your website designing passes through. The dedicated visualizer, i.e. Pankaj Gupta, well known in this industry for his remarkable work for more than a decade, sets the primary stage of your website designing and then other experts join the process to give that concept a reality.

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