Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Why are we best in the Market?

Swamp of Designers
There is a swamp of designers in front of you, everyone claiming that they are the best in the market. They testify they have worked with a certain set of customers and they also have a set of designs and they highly claim that it has been done by them. Where is the validity? Where is the proof? There are n numbers of designs that can be found in Google easily. Do the consumers have enough time to do a thorough background check of the services? 

Well then how does a consumer rely on what is being said? Then the customers need to cross-check with the clients if they had ever worked with the designers then the factor of looking into the designs. Whether or not the designs produced by the designers are authentic or not? Cross checking the designs for authenticity is no harm. One need not be ashamed to cross-check after all a lot of money is being invested. If it’s true then you are at good hands. Then we consider the factor where we look at the impact of the design? How does one measure that? We need to measure the impact of Return on Investment? How do we measure that? 

Consideration of the ROI

A design needs to have an impact in the mind of the audience. It needs to have a similar impact on the ROI of the products or services. If these factors are not considered then the agency might not be the right person to work with. An agency when created by a non-veteran can be a risk investment. They are there in the market because it’s providing great money they don’t consider the impact that a design can have. Underestimating the value of a design is the biggest complacency in the world of market. 

Getting obsolete and the ideas of a new comer

Getting obsolete is also one of the biggest hindrances. People are always looking for something new they get tired of obsolete easily. To keep them entertained is a big task. To come up with a new campaign, a new message that hits the message directly is also a huge task. For an example Dairy Milk came up with a TV Commercial that was a hit amongst the audience. If the similar commercial is repeated with other products say it will be a plagiarism but if it’s repeated by the same company over and over again, then the audience is bound to get bored. Producing new message all the time is one of the important elements. That is why there is also a need of new and upcoming designers that bring a fresh thought a fresh idea, in the conceptualization of the design. So underestimating new comers is also a wrong idea if just so the customers fall into this mind set. 


There is nothing that can be compared to knowledge that has been gained through an educational institute. But there is no doubt an experience that is gained from on the job. While you are in face to face with the client or you are in face to face with the job that is when one experience real pressure. Due to those pressures the one that is providing services, gain experiences. Because it is obvious that one will make mistakes and then they will try to overcome those mistakes. In the process one comes through many hassles associated with the work related issues. After crossing those hurdles and being able to solve those problems when crossing those hurdles that is when they realize that they are beginning to be a master at it. When it is said that experience counts this is when the results of a veteran that from a newcomer is ten times better and highly productive. Through this process when one makes mistakes and come across many nuances in his work schedule he begins to gain a master and then everyone begins taking his advice. That is the importance of experience and veterans in the agency. The importance of a fresh talent cannot be ignored either. 

Now why choose us?
We are not boasting about ourselves here. From experience and from the people we are acquainted with. If we are working with veterans from the industry who can help our clients achieve results from in and out of the industry. Keeping in mind the return of investment that is expected from an advertising perspective and the goodwill perspective. There are simply thousands of ways where they can deal with their problems and look into the products and devise strategies that are in best of ways for the future development. Also they have a knack for understanding the market, they are well aware of what goes in and what goes out. As for the non-veterans we hire candidates that have a knack for freshness that can produce new elements and pep it up with the modern approach that is essential. 

Pepping up with their enthusiasm and what catches of the youth is also an imperative factor. A culmination of both these segments is when they begin to reach the level of perfection that is required to come up with a new advertisement. Not just considering the level of perfection but also the quality. An idea in Radical Reflex is processed until that time when there are no complaints from the marketers. They are processed initially for the impact that it might create with the audience and the impact that is required to create a great ROI. They are processed through many veterans and leaders before a plan is presented to the client. That is the kind of tenacity our team follows and the kind of dedication that is required to undergo a project we follow and that is why we proudly believe in our efforts and we claim out rightly that we are the best. We proudly claim our efforts and hence we are the best.