Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dear Flipkart and Amazon, when do you start offering one day delivery nahin toh free!

This can be a possibility in the near future. The festival of Diwali made the Flipkart and Amazon cash registers ring loud. And also has started a war for being the best e –tailer. They have made record sales which no single retailer, however large the stock could have achieved. Their success mantras lies in the fact that they have a wide range of products offered at cheaper rates than most retailers offer to their buyers. Let us see the comparison of e-tailing  vs retailing.

Online shopping site
Flipkart-Online Shoping 

E-Commerce or online shopping
E-tailers like flipkart and Amazon are cashing on the 1% Indian masses that shop online. Shopping online saves a lot of money for the buyers, as these e-tailers offer very good bargains compared to retailers. We all love great bargains, The money saved increases our purchasing power hence people 
who are already shopping online prefer it to actually going to retail outlets.

Amazon- Online shopping site
Amazon- Online shopping Site 

E-commerce is a very fast growing channel. You too must join in by creating your own website to 
take advantage of the growing customer trend.

Huge discounts possible
Retailers have to maintain a large stock and have to display it in a tempting and appeasing manner. The hired salespersons are trained, in their approach, behavior, knowledge of product, pricing, and discounts (which are no more than 20% max).Due to such overheads it is not possible to give customers a tempting discount.

Comparatively e-tailers like Flipkart and Amazon gave discounts up to 40% - 60% this Diwali! They do not have showrooms to maintain, just warehouses to dispatch parcels from to the customer.
Getting a website for yourself not only keeps you in with the market trend but also saves money .As an early bird catches the worm, you can be a part of the growing e-commerce market. By the time it catches on you have a head start.

Online Sale

Increase in users/Customer loyalty
Retailers are always in competition with each other for customers. If the customer shifts or gets transferred, another retailer receives the benefit. Due to proximity, buyers feel that if there is any problem with the products, retailers should be easily accessible for complaint.

E-tailers like flipkart or amazon have a nearly whopping 18 million registered customers. Irrespective of their location, products delivered on time at the place mentioned by the use of phone or computer. Complaints are handled equally fast by direct exchange of product that too home delivered! No service centre hassles for them. Since customer loyalty is important, they keep customers happy.
This is also a very subtle way of branding. Create awareness of your product or service by having a website of your own, as today’s generation is dependent on their phone for buying. They surf net for product, see it at a showroom and purchase it at the cheapest rates.

Delivery and complaint
Amazon India introduced its one-day delivery, which is a very smart move. Following suit, Flipkart also made the one-day delivery offer. Complaints are fixed in a day, provided it is not festive season. 

  • You complain by phone and your replacement comes equally fast. 
  • Retailers find it difficult to catch on such network that runs like a clock.
  • Soon there will be a day when they claim, delivery on the same day nahi toh free.

Free Delivery

Flipkart and Amazon have revived our age-old shopping methods of the kings. The royals shopped from the comfort of their palace. The sellers were always at their service ready with the product required. To keep in with the trends, it is important to have a website for your products and services. The customer is king and having his needs easily accessible on the net, makes him feel like one. 
Go for a website to make your products or services easily accessible.

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