Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Catalogue Designing as a marketing strategy

Catalogues are an inseparable part of any companies' marketing strategies, and stays as one of the most powerful marketing instruments for the products and services. This age is armed with different types of business techniques, and hence, catalogues cannot be treated just a sales tool, but as an everyday part of the customer's purchasing habit. With the advent of online marketing, consumers use catalogues and then go online to investigate further about the product or service, or make a purchase without referring much.


As everyone is adopting striking tools for marketing, catalogue cannot be left unnoticed. There are many in the market, which do not appeal the customers’ mind. Hence, the first hurdle is to create something that is extremely good that enthrals the beholders at very first go.

For overcoming this,

 There are some tips for effective catalogue designing and marketing.

  • Designing should be done placing the audience in mind. Your design and text should be able to highlight the products or services you want to market with striking headlines and images. The designing should vary according to the targeted customers. If it is directed to youngsters, it needs vibrancy, unlike old customers. Be it a small art piece or a flower pot or a luxurious car, the catalogue should radiate the soul and vibes of the company.
  •  The most profitable and the most popular product should be featured on the outside top corner. The content for the same should be crisp, simple and striking. While designing the layout, image size, sales offers and price, the thought of customers should be primary.
  •  Reinforce your brand image by keeping the style consistent. Whenever you design a catalogue, a consistent look should be maintained, which would enable the customers to identify you easily. It may be the style, or colour combination. Even without looking at the name of the brand or its logo, people should be able to recognize you from the crowd.

  • Giving proper size and format for the product is very important. These days, a standard company does not stuff the whole page with images, be it website or catalogue. Following a minimalist pattern, the best image should be portrayed, highlighting the uniqueness and quality of the work.

Thus, sailing through the waters of online world makes us familiar with many avenues. When the world runs, we cannot crawl; instead, we should aspire to fly. Hence, it is pertinent to keep the business marketing strategy updated and attractive. In the case of catalogue designing, you should be able to squeeze the possibilities of visual effects.