Monday, 11 August 2014

Product And General Photography – The Key To A Successful Marketing Campaign

When it comes to marketing the products or services of a business organization, high quality photographs play a critical role in ensuring the success of the campaign. The pictures help the end users to get a preview of what they would be investing in and make an informed decision about the same. Generally, business organizations use two types of photographs for their marketing campaigns, which are discussed below. 

General Photography

As the name suggests, this type of photography involves using general pictures related to the products or services being offered by a business organization. This type of photography is mostly used in websites that sell a service, idea or concept to the end users. For example, companies offering software development services or SEO services or websites preaching a specific philosophy or even personal websites can use general photography for business promotion. The pictures that can be used include those of a rising sun, a happy family or even a picturesque view outside a window. 

Points To Consider While Choosing General Photography Images

Contrary to what many people think, choosing general photography images for ensuring an impressive website design is not that easy. Designers need to consider various factors to make a perfect match between the images and the concept being sold by the website.  Listed below are the most important of these factors. 

Content Of The Image: The general photography images should set the tone for the services being offered by the website. Even if the images do not directly symbolize the type of services being offered, they should be relevant to the context. For example, a parent assisting a toddler in operating a device can set the right premise for a website that offers technical customer support services. 

Retaining The Interest Of Visitors: In addition to being informative, the images chosen for website designing also need to be eye catching and attractive. This is especially true for designing landing pages to set the right mood for the visitor to explore other pages of the website. Using the image of an enthusiastic customer peeking in through a door or a window decorated with the logo of the organization can raise the curiosity of the visitors.

  Having The Right Dimensions: If the general photography image is not appropriately sized, it will not have the desired impact on the visitors. This needs to be especially considered for images that cover only a certain part of the page on which it is being used. Take the example of an image of a horse rider jumping a fence that covers the top quarter of the landing page. If the image is not appropriately sized, it can appear blurred or even distorted, ruining the look of the page. 

  Images With The Right Emotion: It is extremely important to choose images that reflect the right emotion. Most website designers prefer images which have real people displaying positive emotions like happiness, enthusiasm and hope. That is why the images of a smiling professional or a happy child are more commonly used.

Product Photography
This type of photography is used mostly by organizations that actually want to promote a physical product. In fact, most web designers seek neat and crisp pictures of the products to attract the users instantly. Businesses related to sale of gadgets, life-style items or even home and other accessories are most likely to use product photography. For example, in case of mobile phone or a tablet, pictures being clicked from multiple angles can prove extremely beneficial. 

Points To Consider While Choosing Images Of Products
When it comes to describing a product, a single image speaks louder than a thousand words. To make this adage true, it is important to choose the appropriate photographs that highlight the positive aspects of the products being offered by the website. Many business organizations today hire professional photographers for clicking the images of specific products. However, even these professionals need to keep the following factors in mind for best results. 

Ø  Maintaining The Focus: Maintaining focus is the most important aspect of clicking product pictures. The photographers need to be aware of what to highlight and what to avoid, especially when taking close-up shots. For example, while clicking the pictures of shoes, it is important to focus on their shape and design rather than the legs of the model wearing them or the logo of the manufacturing company. 

Ø  The Quality of Images: When it comes, to product photography, most web designers prefer images clicked with high resolution cameras from close angles. This gives a more realistic feel to the website visitors, which in turn leads to better conversion rates. For example the image of a fashion accessory such as a bracelet when clicked from a short distance with a high resolution camera, provides better information about the finer details of designs and patterns which help in retaining the interest of the users. 

Ø  An Appropriate Background: It is important to click the images after placing them in an environment that is related to them. This enables the website users to connect with the overall image in a natural manner and create a lasting impression in their minds. For example clicking the pictures of coffee mugs that are placed on a coffee table in a living area, creates a deeper impact than the image of the same cups placed on the shelves of some store. 

Ø  Providing Views From Different Angles: The best way to highlight a product on a website is to click its images from different angles. This helps in creating an overall picture of the product in the minds of the visitors, while also providing them complete details of the same from every angle. Most websites offering mobile devices and other electronic gadgets use this technique to provide their prospective customers with a complete picture of the product through front, back and even side images. 


Irrespective of the photography techniques  used for clicking the pictures, for website design, it is important that they are of extremely high-quality and present a clean and uncluttered look. Then only can the web designers use them to create successful marketing campaigns that ensure higher profitability and better conversion rates.