Monday, 1 September 2014

Get A Haircut Online!

Sit in front of your laptop, wet your hair, put a cover sheet around your shoulders and just relax.  It is the Amixy Renco’s Inc.* that now offers you a haircut online at just $9.99. How about imagining this line flashing on Facebook or Google, well, not right now but maybe at the speed internet is coming towards us, who knows we might get this service online in the very near future too!  Since the time it grew common amongst the common, there is nothing that seems to be matching its speed.

Book Your Seat

In the past 10 years, internet has progressed by leaps and bounds. What started as a means of helping people communicate with friends and acquaintances across the globe has toady turned into a phenomenon that has become an integral part of everyday living. What has most significantly changed the face and scope of internet was the emergence of e-commerce and with it the concept of online shopping. As a result, having a strong online presence has become absolutely necessary for every business seeking success in the online as well as the human world. 

The Future Scope Of Online Business
The growing attraction of people towards hiring online services and buying even the products of everyday needs online has ensured that in the near future every big and small business will need to have a website online. In fact the scope of doing business online is so vast that entrepreneurs having just a concept of a business in their minds, already plan about the type and size of the website they will need to set up online for the same. This is because they understand that having an online presence offers their business with the following advantages.
  • Round the clock availability for customers
  • Ability to explore new markets in an easy and cost-effective manner
  • Create a professional and credible image and reputation even with limited resources
  • Provide enhanced customer service and reach out to prospective clients in a more direct manner
  • Minimize overhead expenses and increase profitability and efficiency
  • Ability to inform and educate multiple customers simultaneously 

Do You Still Need A Website If You Don’t Conduct Business Online 

The answer is definitely yes. In fact, your need for a well established website is much more than the businesses that offer online services. This is because your website will help people to learn about your services and hence increase the number of customers you get. Moreover, your website will act as the gateway to reach out to a wider number of target audiences with minimal investment and resources. Moreover, your domain name will prove to be a profitable investment as in case you want to release it in future, you might get a good value for it from companies or individuals looking for a similar domain name.
To better explain the importance of having a website, even for business that does not offer online services, let us take an example. Let us assume that you are operating a beauty salon that offers world calls services and facilities. Now since none of the services you offer can be provided online, you might obviously not feel the need of having a website. However, imagine the growth prospects of your business, if prospective clients would be able to learn about the services you offer by conducting a simple online search. If they are looking for a service being offered exclusively by your salon, they might even be willing to travel long distances to avail the same. Such is the power of having a strong online presence. 

Why Do I Need A Website Now For My New Business

This is a question asked by many new entrepreneurs as they feel that their business is not well-established enough to bear the burden of a website. However, such businessmen rarely understand the fact that setting up a website will not only help in the growth of their business but will also play a significant role in establishing their brand reputation and goodwill. In addition, setting up a website along with the new venture also ensures you get the benefit of not only staying ahead of competition and being well aware of the do and don’ts of online marketing and business promotion. Moreover, since you are able to interact in a more direct manner with your customer, you can understand their needs and expectations better and provide solutions to meet the same. In fact this is the strategy used by most thriving brands and business organization for reaching the pinnacle of success in their chosen industry.

People, who have even the basic understanding of the scope and possibilities offered by internet, are making the right choice of getting a well designed and optimized website for their business. In fact, looking at the way the internet technology is advancing, it might even be possible for people to get their haircuts done online!

*a Hypothetical Name, no we or they do not offer any service, free or at any cost. The name is just a hypothetical name, used for this blog/ article or other places of circulation.

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